129th Friday Night Blitz (FREE)

129th Friday Night Blitz (FREE)


19:00 - 20:30


Event Type

South African Chess Hub presents

129th Friday Night Weekly Blitz Arena


Elite Format – 3+2 with berserk
Tournament link:  https://lichess.org/tournament/ZgzMBtke


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Entry requirements:

Free entry to all registered members of South African Chess Hub.
Register free account and join the Lichess team before 6pm to ensure you are accepted in time.


No prizes this week. Any interested Sponsors can contact me on 083 461 8742.

Prizes are subject to fair-play/anti-cheating review and will be withheld if there is any suspicious activity. We  retain the right to report players suspected of breaking fair play rules.


Organiser:  Paul Wilson – 083 461 8742
Email:  paul@chesshub.org.za

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