2021 CWP Club League – ONLINE

2021 CWP Club League - ONLINE


31/07/2021 - 04/09/2021    
10:00 - 14:00


Bookings closed

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Please carefully read the following event details and register below.

N.B. Please note that payment must be made using Payfast (credit/debit card or instant EFT) immediately when registering to avoid having to register again.

Before registering, please ensure that you have the player information (i.e. name & surname, date of birth, Chess SA ID and player email).

2021 CWP Club League – Online


  1. EVENT NAME: 2021 CWP Club League – ONLINE
  2. EVENT STATUS: This is an official CWP event and performance will count towards the determination of the CWP ONLINE League Champion for 2021.
  4. TORNELO REGULATIONS – Players must be logged in 30 minutes before the start of the 1st round of the day and 15 minutes before each round.
  5. ZOOM MONITORING will be applicable for only the A division matches. Zoom Regulations:
    – Player’s environment must have good lighting; player must be visible at all times
    – Dress code: (no hoodies or earphones),
    – No toilet breaks allowed during your game
  6. FORMAT: Round Robin
  8. EVENT START DATE: Saturday, 31 July 2021
  9. EVENT END DATE: Saturday, 4 September 2021
  10. TIME CONTROL: 20 + 10 sipm
  11. TEAM TIE BREAK SYSTEMS (All Divisions)
      – Match Points
    – Game Points
    – Direct Encounter
    – Sonneborn-Berger
    Divisions Date Rounds & Times
    All Divisions Saturday, 31 July 2021 Round 1: 10h00

    Round 2: 11h30

    Round 3: 13h00

    All Divisions Saturday, 14 Aug 2021 Round 4: 10h00

    Round 5: 11h30

    Round 6: 13h00

    All Divisions Saturday, 21 Aug 2021 Round 7: 10h00

    Round 8: 11h30

    Round 9: 13h00

    All Divisions Saturday, 4 Sep 2021 Round 10: 10h00

    Round 11: 11h30

    *Rounds dependent on number of teams per division

      – A Division:          12 Teams          (Max. 6 players per team + 2 reserves )
    – B Division:          12 Teams          (Max. 6 players per team + 2 reserves )
    – C Division:          12 Teams          (Max. 6 players per team + 2 reserves )
    – D Division:          12 Teams          (Max. 6 players per team + 2 reserves )
     – A Division:      R 600.00 per team
    – B Division:      R 400.00 per team
    – C Division:      R 400.00 per team
    – D Division:      R 400.00 per team
     – A Division  –  R 6 000 prize fund
    1st place:       R 2 500
    2nd place:     R 2 000
    3rd place:      R 1 500- Other Divisions  –  R 3 800 prize fund per division
    1st place:       R 1 800
    2nd place:     R 1 200
    3rd place:      R 800* Prize funds are subject to change based on number of teams per division
    Deadline for team registrations is Saturday, 24 July 2021 at 7pm
     – Requests to deferred payment or remission of entry fees should be emailed along with motivation to fin@chesswesternprovince.co.za  by Saturday, 24 July 2021 at 7pm.
    CWP will sponsor R30 prepaid data per day to CWP players. [Eligibility criteria: Youth players whose parents are unable to provide them with data and unemployed adults.]
     – The Online Chess Administrator/Captain must send an email request for mobile data sponsorship, listing names of players that require mobile data sponsorship to fin@chesswesternprovince.co.za by latest Saturday, 24 July 2021 at 7pm.

    The event will be streamed live (TBC)


    • All players and clubs that participate in this event are bound by the CWP Player Code of Conduct.
    • Only one team per club may participate in the A Division.
    • Clubs may enter more than one team in the other Divisions.
    • Format: 6 players per team + 2 reserves ; minimum 4 players constitutes a team
    • Only players that are members of CWP may participate and represent the respective club teams.
    • Teams that include players that are not members of CWP will be disqualified and forfeit any prize monies.
    • Reefer to brochure for the criteria for CWP individual membership.
    • A player can only be a member of one team.
    • Each club must register its teams by Saturday, 24 July 2021 at 7pm through the online registration portal.
    • Player lists to be communicated to the CA by 8pm on the Thursday before the following round.
    • Tournament entry fees must be paid by latest Saturday, 24 July 2021 at 7pm.
    • Club Captain(s) must join the “CWP Online Chess Admin” WhatsApp group for all important announcements: https://chat.whatsapp.com/JZlF3Uvse3762uJXsE1Zct
    • All disputes will be dealt with by the Match Review Panel. The Online Chess Administrator or Team Captain must lodge any disputes in writing within 30 minutes after the conclusion of that specific round to info@chesswesternprovince.co.za & send Whatsapp notification to CA.
    • Prize monies will be paid out within 48 hours after conclusion of the event into the bank account of the respective clubs. Outstanding CWP affiliation fees of clubs will be deducted from the prize monies due to the club.
    • An exception has been made to allow clubs from other regions in the Western Cape to also participate in this CWP event. Players from Western Cape based clubs must be ordinarily resident in the Western Cape or have been ordinarily resident in the Western Cape in 2019 (up to one year ago) and must be a current member of a Western Cape based chess club. Teams from Western Cape based clubs can participate in any section of the event, and all other tournament rules and regulations apply equally to them.
    • The LOC is not responsible for loss of internet connectivity due to poor reception area; faulty devices or load shedding. Those affected match/es will result in a loss for that player.
    • The tournament organisers reserve the right to cancel or re-schedule the event.
    • All players will be required to join tournament WhatApp groups (details to be provided in booking confirmation email).

    • Pairings are done as per Swiss Manager and all regulations in respect to using computer assistance will be strictly monitored.
    • Players MAY NOT RECEIVE ANY ASSISTANCE whatsoever including from computers/chess engines or from any other persons (i.e. parents, coaches, friends or siblings).
    • Random games will be scrutinized and its findings regarding cheating is binding on this event.
    • Please inform the Chief Arbiter should you suspect your opponent of breaching the fair play spirit.
    • Any person found guilty of cheating will forfeit any prize money won and will be banned from participating in future CWP events.

    Tournament Director & Registrations Chief Arbiter
    Paul Wilson
    Cell: 083 461 8742
    Ricardo Minnaar
    ricardo.minnaar@gmail.comCell: 081 546 2221


Bookings are closed for this event.

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