CWP Youth Trials 2021 – Level 1

CWP Youth Trials 2021 - Level 1


14:00 - 19:00


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Please carefully read the following event details and register below. Please ensure you are logged into your profile before proceeding to register.

N.B. Please note that payment must be made using Payfast (credit/debit card or instant EFT) immediately when registering to avoid having to register again.

CWP Youth Trials 2021

Level 1 Qualification Events

Dates:  17 & 24 April 2021 @ 2pm




Participation in these events is COMPULSORY for CWP Youth Training Squads selection.


Sections * Format Entry Fee Time Control
Under 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 5 Round Rapid Swiss R 150.00  20 + 5 sipm

* Organizers reserves the right to merge and waive criteria in all the sections
** Tie Break: Lichess (Sonneborn-Berger)

Date Time Date Time
Qualifier 1:
Saturday, 17 April 2021
Round 1: 14h00

Round 2: 15h00

Round 3: 16h00

Round 4: 17h00

Round 5: 18h00

Qualifier 2:
Saturday, 24 April 2021 
Round 1: 14h00

Round 2: 15h00

Round 3: 16h00

Round 4: 17h00

Round 5: 18h00

* Rounds may be accelerated    

Section Birth years Section Birth years
Under 8 Born 2014 and later Under 10 Born 2012 & 2013
Under 12 Born 2010 & 2011 Under 14 Born 2008 & 2009
Under 16 Born 2006 & 2007 Under 18 Born 2004 & 2005
Under 20 Born 2002 & 2003  


  • Players MAY NOT RECEIVE ANY ASSISTANCE whatsoever including from computers/chess engines or from any other persons (i.e. parents, coaches, friends or siblings).
  • Cheating will be monitored by  Any breaches of the Lichess Terms and Services within 48 hours after the event will result automatic disqualification and disciplinary investigation.
  • Please inform the Chief Arbiter should you suspect your opponent of breaching the fair play spirit.  DO NOT message the player or comment in the tournament chat. You reserve the right to report the player to Lichess.
  • Random games will be scrutinized by the arbiters and their findings regarding cheating is binding on this event.
  • Any person found guilty of cheating will be banned from participating in future CWP events.
  • Medals for top 3 players in each section (to be presented at the Level 2 Hybrid tournament)
  • The TOP 8 players in each level 1 qualifier will be invited to attend the Level 2 Hybrid Tournament planned for May 2021.  The Lichess tie break (Sonneborn-Berger) will be applied.
  • The TOP 10 players in the Level 2 Hybrid Tournament will be invited to the Level 3 Over-The-Board Tournament planned for end May/June 2021.
  • The CWP Youth Commission reserves the right to invite additional players to level 2 and 3 events based on ratings and grand prix standing.
  • All players will receive FREE entry to the two Tornelo Wild Card Practice tournaments to be held in May 2021.
  • ALL participants will receive FREE access to 4 online group training sessions via Zoom on Fridays (during May)
  • ALL under 12 participants can apply for FREE one month access to Chesskid gold membership. Players will need to remain active on Chesskid to extend the gold membership beyond one month. We have limited licences so it will be on a first come, first served basis. Older players may also apply for Chesskid gold membership.
  • The TOP 15-20 players per age section will be invited to the initial CWP Youth Training Squads to commence online training from June 2021 onwards. The CWP Youth Commission reserves the right to invite additional players to level 2 and 3 events based on ratings and grand prix standing
  • Once-off registration allows access to both qualifiers on 17 April 2021 and 24 April 2021
  • Before you start the entry procedures, you need to sign up with if you do not already have a Lichess account. There is no cost involved in obtaining a Lichess account.  See detailed instructions below.
  • Payment of Chess Western Province 2021 Membership fees can be made at registration.
  • Closing date: 2nd qualifier: Friday 23 April 2021 at 7pm.
  • Request for entry fee reduction can be emailed to along with motivation by no later than Thursday 22 April 2021 at 7pm
  • Upon registration and payment you will receive an automated confirmation email from SA Chess Hub that will contain the LINK to the Lichess Team as well as the tournament links and passwords.
  • Click on that link to start the JOINING process.

Please JOIN the Lichess team no LATER than 8pm on 23 April 2021


  • These tournaments will be CHESS SA Rated (online)
    Please note that Chess SA ratings have been split between over-the-board, online and hybrid (which is combination of the two). Online ratings will NOT impact a players over-the-board rating.
    Chess SA Ratings Database:
  • The organiser reserves the right to add an additional round if there are more than 40 entries in a section.
  • Players who have already qualified for the level 2 tournament may apply to organizers to play up in the second qualifiers.
  • All players must be logged into Lichess no later than 13:45 to ensure that they are paired in the first round.
  • Pairings are done as per Lichess pairing system.
  • Players must not log out of the tournament and must be committed to play all 5 rounds. Players may be penalised if they abandon the tournament without the prior consent of the organizer or arbiter.
  • Late joining points awarded by Lichess will deducted from player score for the purposes of qualification.
  • CWP will assist with R20 airtime to purchase mobile data.  Players requiring assistance with mobile data must email by no later than Thursday 22 April 2021 at 7pm.
  • Players unable to attend either level 1 qualifier but wish to apply to participate in the level 2 event must email by no later than Thursday 22 April 2021 at 7pm along with motivation.
  • The organizers reserve the right to cancel or reschedule this event should they consider this necessary.
  • No Refunds if players do not join from the start or are disconnected during the tournament. This includes an inability to play due to load shedding
Chief Organizer: Paul Wilson
Mobile: 083 461 8742Chief Arbiter: Ricardo Minnaar
Mobile: 081 546 2221



Bookings are closed for this event.

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