Elite Chess Swiss

Elite Chess Swiss


16:00 - 18:00


Bookings closed


Event Type

Elite Chess presents

Elite Chess Arena Battles

Closed Tournament: 5+3 NO Berserk (OVER THE BOARD rating 1600 and below)

Requirements to enter:

Register for free below and join the Elite Chess Coach Lichess team here (link will also be emailed).
To ensure you are paired in the first round, please join the Lichess team at least one hour before the start.

Only players with an OTB rating of 1600 chessa rating or fide rating are allowed to play.


Top 10 players will qualify for a FREE 3 hours training camp focusing chess strategy, on ZOOM.

Everyone who enters the tournament will receive a FREE 5 minute tournament report video; with powerful tips on how to improve your chess weaknesses and chess ratings!

”Prizes are subject to fair-play/anti-cheating review and will be withheld if there is any suspicious activity. We retain the right to report players suspected of breaking fair play rules.”


Bookings are closed for this event.

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