JMC 2024 Helpmekaar

JMC 2024 Helpmekaar


All Day


Bookings closed


Helpmekaar Kollege
Empire Rd & Melle St, Johannesburg, Johannesburg Metro

Event Type

Map Unavailable

JMC HelpmekaarKollege–Saturday 4th May 2024

Time control 60 / 60


 Venue: HelpmekaarKollegeBraamfontein – Main hall

Cnr Empire Rd & Melle St, Johannesburg


Right of admission reserved – Only Eligible Players can enter


Online Entries:

A, B, C, D Sections

U10: Players born in 2015 and 2016

U8:  Players born in 2017 or later


Entries Close: 2ndMay 2024 at 20.00   


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Draws and results will be published on









  • The safety and well-being of all players outside of the Playing Hall remains the responsibility of the parents of the players. JMC and its officials do not provide supervisory or caregiving services to young players.
  • Parents of players are therefore urged to remain present at the venue for the duration of the tournament to supervise their children.
  • JMC and HelpmekaarKollegeaccepts no liability for any harm caused to, or damages suffered by any attendee of the tournament (player, parents, siblings or other persons) arising from any cause whatsoever.



  • Players to provide their own CLOCKS.
  • Latest FIDE rules will apply.
  • All Sections will be rated by CHESS SA
  • Standard ratings file will be used
  • Guideline 3.4 will be applied
  • JMC will provide Notation Pads
  • It is the responsibility of the player to ensure that he/she is entered into the correct section. The Organiser reserves the right to move a player to the appropriate section.
  • The Organiser has the right to combine sections.
  • Only players with confirmed payments will be added to the draw as published on
  • No cell phones will be allowed in the playing area except for the TD, Chief Arbiter, Arbiters and PC personnel.
  • The Organiser of the tournament and other tournament officials are not responsible for the safety or property of players or spectators.
  • The player/parent/guardian gives consent for the player’s name, surname, gender, race, date of birth to be submitted to the rating agencies for the purposes of rating the tournament and the rating agencies displaying it on their respective websites.
  • The player/parent/guardian gives consent for photo’s to be taken of the players during the tournament and to be published on our Social Media pages. Should consent not be given please notify us before the tournament so that we can notify our photographers.
  • The tournament organisers reserve the right to cancel the tournament. Players will have their entry fee refunded
  • Rounds will commence at the published starting times
  • Default time 20 mins for round 1 – thereafter 15 mins for rounds 2 -5
  • Players are expected to adhere to the JMC Code of Conduct for Tournaments, contraventions of which must be reported to the Chief Arbiter without delay and prior to the end of the Tournament.
  • Players to supply their own PENS.
  • No spectators in the playing hall
  • No refunds for withdrawals or no-shows (refund only if we cancel the tournament)
  • Appeals must be submitted in writing within 10 minutes of the game being completed and before the next round starts. A fee of R200 must accompany the appeal.






All Sections – Chess SA rated

5 rounds – 60 / 60


Round 1: 8:00 – 10.00

Round 2 – 5 Starts shortly after the end of the previous round, Rate of play will be followed if possible

Fide titled players free entry

A Section:

(minimum 10 players)


B Section:

(minimum 10 players)

C Section: D Section: U8 and U10Sections
Entry Fee: R300


Entry Fee: R250


Entry Fee: R250


Entry Fee: R250


Entry Fee: R200
Rating 1600+ 

Strictly enforced

Rating 1450 – 1599 

Players with rating 1400 – 1449 can also play in this section

Adults (over 18) with 0 to 1599 rating

Rating 1300 – 1499 

Players with rating 1250 – 1299 can also play in this section

Rating <1300 U10: Players born in 2015 and 2016


U8:  Players born in 2017 or later


1st Place    R3000 + Gold Medal

2nd Place   R2000 + Silver Medal

3rd Place    R1200 + Bronze Medal


Best female    Gold medal and R500 (minimum 2 females)

1st Place    R1000 + Gold Medal

2nd Place   R800 + Silver Medal

3rd Place   R600 + Bronze Medal


Best female outside top 3 – Gold Medal + R350 (minimum 2 females)

1st – R400 + Gold medal

2nd – R350 + Silver medal

3rd – R300 + Bronze medal


Best female outside top 3 – Gold medal


1st – Gold + Trophy

2nd – Silver

3rd – Bronze



Best female outside top 3 – Gold medal


1st – Gold + Trophy

2nd – Silver

3rd – Bronze



Best female outside top 3 – Gold medal


Tie Breaks that will be used:

  • Direct Encounter.
  • Buchholz cut 1
  • Sonneborn-Berger
  • Share the prize (if completely equal)






Entry Procedures:


We are using the South African Chess Hub website to administer our booking and payment administration for the tournaments.

In order to facilitate the entry procedures in joining Chesshub we ask you to carefully follow the steps described below:

How to book on South African Chess Hub:

  1. Go to


  1. Log into your account or register a new profile.


  1. Go to the event on the event calendar: click on the event link for your tournament:


  1. Read the event description and scroll down to “Bookings”


  1. Select the number of “Tickets” (i.e. number of attendees) for the section/s you wish to enter. This is applicable where a family has more than one child that will be entering. It is only necessary to register one profile with Chesshub. It is not required to register a profile for each child, unless you want to.


  1. Where there are two children, select 2 “spaces”, you will then enter the information for each child separately as “attendee 1” and “attendee 2”


  1. At “Payment and Confirmation” select your method of payment. If you select to pay by EFT, you will receive an email with the banking details for payment. The Account is in the name of “Promoting Pawns NPC”. If you pay by EFT your entry will only reflect once payment is received.



  1. Complete the attendee(s) information and then click on


  1. This will take you to the Payfast secure payment page. Complete the payment.


  1. You will receive a booking confirmation email a short while after completing payment.




Bookings are closed for this event.

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