Level 1 Training for Trainers – Cape Town

Level 1 Training for Trainers - Cape Town


10:00 - 16:00


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Curro Durbanville Primary School
1 Memento Dr, Sonstraal Heights, Western Cape, 7550

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Presented by Reuben Salimu (FIDE Instructor/School Instructor)

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Successful participants will receive Level 1 certification


Level 1 Training for Trainers Course Overview


Module 1: Overcoming Barriers to Learning

Objective: To identify common barriers to learning chess and to develop strategies for overcoming these, especially in a virtual learning environment.


  • Virtual Learning Environments: Address challenges specific to online learning, such as maintaining concentration and ensuring effective communication over video calls.
  • Growth Mindset in Chess: Teach the importance of a growth mindset for overcoming plateaus in skill development, with examples of famous chess comebacks and perseverance stories.
  • Accessibility and Inclusion: Tips on making chess coaching accessible to people with disabilities, including the use of accessible software and adapting teaching methods.


  • Role-playing sessions to practice handling different learning barriers.
  • Case studies on successful virtual learning setups.
Module 2: Role and Qualities of a Chess Coach

Objective: To understand the evolving role of a chess coach in the digital age and to master the essential qualities that make a successful coach.


  • Modern Coaching Techniques: Highlight the shift from traditional to digital, emphasizing the use of online platforms like lichess.org, Chess.com for training sessions, and communication tools like Slack or Discord for team interactions.
  • Basic Chess Software and Apps: Provide an overview of essential software such as ChessBase for database management and analysis, and introduce beginner-friendly apps like ChessKid or Magnus Trainer.
  • Engagement and Motivation: Discuss strategies for keeping students engaged through online platforms, including gamification, regular challenges, and incorporating interactive content.


  • Hands-on workshops on setting up and using online platforms.
  • Group discussions on adapting to the needs of different learners.
Module 3: Chess Fundamentals

Objective: To update trainers on the latest in chess fundamentals, focusing on interactive learning methods and the incorporation of recent game analysis.


  • Interactive Learning Methods: Use of tools like interactive boards on chess platforms and creating engaging content with software like ChessBase.
  • Puzzles and Games from Recent Tournaments: Analyze recent high-level games to teach strategies and decision-making. Include puzzles that emphasize key concepts in chess tactics and strategy.
  • Building a Curriculum: Guidance on structuring lessons and courses, from beginner to intermediate levels, including pacing and content selection.


  • Interactive puzzle solving sessions.
  • Group projects to create a lesson plan based on recent chess games.


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