Coach Simza



First Name - Buthelezi
Last Name - Simphiwe
Email -
Phone - 0766101321
Website - Website
Address - 38 Deodar Primrose germston, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa, 1436
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Simphiwe Buthelezi is also known as Simza is an electrical engineering student ,I am also a chess coach ,Entrepreneur, musician known as Simza The Vocalist.Simza is a very funny humbled ,confident and enthusiastic chess player whose quite positional and aggressive over the chess board .What I like about chess is that it has the ability to make man happy and it unites people .My favorite openings are English Botvinnik’s System,Smith Morra Gambit ,Sicilian Dragon and Benko Gambit .My greatest chess achievement is checkmating Super Gm Levon Aronian