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Address - 93 Malibongwe Drive, Robindale, Randburg, South Africa, 2194
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Not everyone has caught on, on just how great chess is, which can sometimes mean that you have to search far and wide to find the best chess equipment the world has to offer. At House of Chess, our customers are at the heart of everything we do, which means we have done the heavy lifting for you to bring you the best chess and backgammon equipment right to your doorstep.

We have it all: chess boards, coloured pieces, clocks, notation and FIDE Law booklets, travel sets, chess books, keyrings, trophies, themed sets, laser chess and even chess t-shirts and caps. Our latest addition is our glycerine chess knight soaps – to pamper young and old. For our girl chess players, we stock designer chess earrings and chess arm bracelets.

We stock many different styles and types of chess sets, including tournament vinyl and wooden sets. The themed resin sets like Robin Hood, British and Zulu, Medieval, King Arthur are colourful and will be a delight for any collector’s or child’s room. Our vinyl and leather chess boards are made in South-Africa, while our exquisite metal chess sets are imported from Greece and Italy. Our high-class wooden chess sets, imported from Spain and India, will compliment any office workspace or designer home.

From DGT, we stock all chess clocks, including the DGT2010 – FIDE-approved chess clock. We also stock the DGT smart and electronic sets and the ever-popular and latest innovation: DGT Centaur computer.

You also get to choose from a wide variety of chess books, including award-winning books, the Step series, Susan Polgar’s range of learn chess the right way, books on openings, endgames and tactics, to mention a few.

Don’t forget our range of Garden sets – from King height 20cm to the most popular 65cm set. If you are looking for a enormous giant set, we can also provide the 91cm garden set.

Check out our website for the full range of products at We deliver to all areas, no matter how remote. You can also visit our store at 93 Malibongwe Drive, Robindale, Randburg.

Feel free to contact us on or 079 106 0 106 for more information.