Michael Cuthbert Coaching



First Name - Michael
Last Name - Cuthbert
Email - mcuthbert2001@gmail.com
Phone - +27731207206
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I’m 20 years old and have been coaching chess for the last 4 years. I started coaching chess online since before covid so I am very experienced with online chess coaching and am doing it exclusively at the moment. Coaching is done using the Lichess.org study feature and with zoom/discord for voice/video. I like to employ a structured chess curriculum with most of my students either following the Dutch steps method or Artur Yusupov’s training course but I do understand the importance of filling in other gaps in the students knowledge. I completed a chessWP coaching course which qualifies me to train advanced level players and I am taking on students up to 1600 chessa/fide or 2000 online. I have a fide rating of 1800+ and a peak chess.com rating of 2250. My rate is R180 for online lessons. Please contact me if you have any questions