Michael’s Chess Coaching



First Name - Michael
Last Name - Cuthbert
Email - mcuthbert2001@gmail.com
Phone - 0731207206
Address - Cape Town, South Africa
  • Description

I’m a college student looking to make some money on the side by teaching my favourite game. I have a Fide and Chessa rating of around 1800 and a chess.com blitz rating of 2200. I play the French defence, queens gambit and the London system at a level i would feel comfortable teaching to my students. I’m open to doing game analysis as well as more structured learning. I’m a big believer in the chess curriculum of the Dutch chess federation, ”the Steps method”. Coaching sessions will be done over the analysis board on Lichess.org and can voice chat over any mainstream software. My rate is R100 an hour, open to teaching anyone under 1500 Chessa.