JMC Helpmekaar 2024 (A Section Recap)

This is an update of all the winners from the A section JMC Helpmekaar Chess tournament which held place on the 4th of May 2024. We would like to thank everyone who participated and made this a great event!

3rd Place(Oatlhotse, Providence)

It was a bounce back day for the International Master as he had a loss in his second game against Chidembo, Prince. But again STRENGTH IS STRENGTH as he won his next 3 games to finish 3rd! His 5th game was against an on form Judah Levitan.

2nd Place(Chidembo, Prince)

Underdog? No he had this covered, he managed to defeat 4 opponents on his way to 4/5 points(Including IM Providence Oatlhotse & CM Khanya Mazibuko). His only loss came against FM Caleb Lavitan.

1st Place(Levitan, Caleb)

A future Grand Master! Give the kid some credit please… He sat on board 1 from first game until his last game. He won all games which means he finished the tournament on a perfect score thus making him the 2024 Helpmekaar Chess Champion.


Congrats to all the winners, organizers, arbiters, volunteers and participants for making this one of the best tournaments played this year. JMC is hosting another event in the next coming few days and we hope to see you there! JMC 2024 Crawford International Sandton – South African Chess Hub

A Section Results: Chess-Results Server – JMC Helpmekaar Kollege Tournament – A Section