Chess Olympiad 2022 Round 3 European Results

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Another Day of chess is gone but the results will fascinate you with multiple big upsets for some of the European Participants.


Our first pick saw Norway taking on Italy and the World Champion Magnus Carlsen playing his second match of the event.

His opponent was Daniele Vocaturo rated 2616 according to FIDE. The match ended up as an upset as Daniele found a way to draw the game after 55 moves.

This is the second event that Magnus is playing since he announced that he won’t defend his title in the upcoming World Championship match.

People have been speculating that his decision to not defend the title might bother him and his performance for a while. So far this seems to be true with the two games he has played so far.

Italy caused an upset as they won 3-1 against Norway. Hammer Jon Ludvig(2638) lost to Lodici Lorenzo(2553) whilst Christiansen Johan-Sebastian(2593) lost to Sonis Francesco(2543).


This is Levon Aronian’s first appearance as an American Olympiad player after switching citizenship from Armenia.

His round 3 opponent was Mchedlishvili Mikheil(2593), and Levon Aronian proved why he is still a top player even at the age of 39.

Levon Aronian managed to squeeze his opponent during the later stages of the endgame. Something that elite players do so often when they are playing solid players.

The other person who managed to get a win for the USA team is Shankland Sam on board 4. This was a tough matchup against a Georgian team that has Jobava Baadur leading it.


An army of 2600+ players from England took on Lithuania which had a lower-rated team representing it.

Some of the games in this event are proving that rating is just a number as England whilst being the favorites barely won the matchup

All other games were ended in draws except the game between Howell David and Juksta Karolis. David Howell managed to win the game between the two players.

An ameture blunder by Juksta Karolis cost him the game. He completely forgot that his knight had no safe squares to move to, and David Howell capitalized on this.

Round 3 Games:–open–boards-1-40/round-3/7wgPPQLX

Round 3 Results: