The Mighty Egyptians Have Fallen!

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On a day where African countries faced each other, we saw the Egyptian Giants Fall to another African country.

Egypt 1½:2½ Zambia

Well, this is a surprise scenario considering that Egypt was wielding 3 Grandmasters in the African showdown.

We know the Egyptians to be a dominant force when it comes to facing fellow African foes, but that wasn’t the case this time around!

The shocking result came when Hesham Abdelrahman lost to Richmond Phiri. Double-edged and a positional masterclass from Richard Phiri!

The other results also saw Bassem Amin draw against Gillan Bwalya(chessresults given name), whilst Wageih Kareim lost to Timothy Kabwe.

The only consolation came when Adam Fawzy won against Chitumbo Mwali.

Should the Egyptian team also have included the African Champion in their team?…

We will never know what the results could have been but hopefully, they have learned from their mistakes!

Angola 3½: ½ Mali

Yet another African match, and we are seeing what the young and talented Junior Domingos is capable of.

King Walk For The Day!

He managed to win yet another game and this time around he was paired up against Maiga Baba Moulaye Abdalla.

He has been an inspiration for his country and team and this result means that Angola climbs back up the rankings.

South Africa ½:3½ Sweden

A tough day for the South African team but considering how strong the foe was we will let them off the hook.

Whilst they did lose the match it was impressive that Watu Kobese managed to draw against Westerberg Jonathan.

Hopefully, the South African team will bounce back in their next match.

Final Results:

Round 4 Games:–open–boards-1-40/round-4/5mV5xMWZ