100th Friday Night Blitz (FREE)

100th Friday Night Blitz (FREE)


19:00 - 20:30


Event Type

South African Chess Hub presents

100th Friday Night Weekly Blitz Arena


Elite Format – 3+2 with berserk
Tournament link: https://lichess.org/tournament/znyyEr6V

Open Format – 3+2 with berserk
Tournament link: https://lichess.org/tournament/g8RdgcQH


Stream by CM Keith Khumalo – www.twitch.tv/keithonsky

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Entry requirements:

Free entry to all registered members of South African Chess Hub.
Register free account and join the Lichess team before 6pm to ensure you are accepted in time.


Elite section:

  • 1st  –    R 500 + medal
  • 2nd  –  R 300 + medal
  • 3rd  –  R 200 + medal
  • 3x R100 lucky draws (minimum 7 games)

Open Section:

  • 1st  –    medal
  • 2nd  –  medal
  • 3rd  –  medal
  • 2x R100 lucky draws (minimum 5 games)

Any interested Sponsors can contact me on 083 461 8742.

Prizes are subject to fair-play/anti-cheating review and will be withheld if there is any suspicious activity. We  retain the right to report players suspected of breaking fair play rules.


Organiser:  Paul Wilson – 083 461 8742
Email:  paul@chesshub.org.za

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