JNW Helpmekaar Tournament

JNW Helpmekaar Tournament


08:00 - 18:00


Bookings closed


Helpemekaar Kollege
Empire Road & Melle St, Johannesburg, Gauteng

Event Type

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All Sections
Saturday 9 July 2022

Default time :  20 minutes

Round Time
1 08h00 – 10h00
2 – 5 All other Rounds 10min after Previous Round completed
Prize Giving After the 5 completed rounds

Organizers reserve the right to move players between sections prior to the start of the tournament

No spectators allowed in hall.

Tie break will be determined on Direct Encounter, Bucholtz less bottom result and Sonneborn-Berger. If still equal prize will be shared

Latest FIDE rules shall apply.  FIDE Laws of Chess – January 2018

Guideline III.4 will be applied

The Tournament Director’s decision is final.

Rate of Play determines start of each Round.

This will be communicated by the Tournament Director.

Notation – Compulsory for all Sections.


  • No cell phones will be allowed in the playing area except for the TD, Chief Arbiter, Arbiters and Technical personnel.
  • The Organiser of the tournament and other tournament officials are not responsible for the safety or property of players or spectators.
  • The player/parent/guardian gives consent for the player’s name, surname, gender, race, date of birth to be submitted to the rating agencies for the purposes of rating the tournament and the rating agencies displaying it on their respective websites.
  • The player/parent/guardian gives consent for photo’s to be taken of the players during the tournament and to be published on our Social Media pages. Should consent not be given please notify us before the tournament so that we can notify our photographers.
  • The tournament organisers reserve the right to cancel the tournament. Players will have their entry fee refunded.

Notice: The building and grounds of the School/Venue will always be a smoke and alcohol-free zone. Any individual smelling of alcohol will be removed from the premises.

Enquiries :    email  info@jnwchess.co.za


Bookings are closed for this event.

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