SA Senior Chess Championships 2022

SA Senior Chess Championships 2022


06/05/2022 - 14/05/2022    
All Day


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Event Type

SA Senior Chess Championships 2022

Date: 06 – 14 May 2022

Venue: Newlands Cricket Ground, Cape Town, Western Cape


1.      Invitation

Chess South Africa, is honored to invite all chess players born in 1972 and before to participate in the 2022 SA Seniors Chess Championships that will be held in Cape Town from 06 – 14 May 2022.


2.      Details

The following details are provided:

2.1         Dates and Venue

6 May – 14 May 2022
CSA Hospitality Suite, Newlands Cricket Ground
146 Campground Rd, Newlands, Cape Town, 7780


2.2         Eligibility Criteria

The event is open to all South African Citizens born in 1972 or before.
According to the SASCOC policy, only players who are South African citizens will qualify for SA colours and can represent South Africa at continental and international events.

Preference will be given to players on the Grand Prix Standings per annexure A.


2.3         Entry fee & Registration

The entry fee will be R500.
Titled players (GM, IM, WGM and WIM) qualify for free entry to the event

Registration for the event must be done via SA Chess Hub
Registrations will close on Thursday 5 May 2022 at 20:00. Late registrations may be accepted after the closing date.


2.4         Format

The format of the tournament will be a Swiss, played over 9 rounds.
Time control:  90/90 + 30 sipm


2.5         Accommodation

You will be responsible for your own accommodation arrangements and the costs thereof.


2.6         Dress code

You will be required to be always dressed neatly.  Casual clothing will be acceptable.  However, all male participants must wear long trousers (no shorts) and closed shoes.  Female participants to wear adequately.


2.7         Prize Fund and Awards

2.7.1        The total prize fund for the event is R6,000.

2.7.2        Players must attend the award ceremony to be eligible to receive their prizes

2.7.3        All prize monies will be paid via EFT no later than 7 calendar days after conclusion of the Championships.

2.7.4        Medals will be awarded to all prize winners and a trophy will be awarded to the winner.

2.7.5        Breakdown of prize fund:

Position Prize
1st R 3,000
2nd R 2,000
3rd R 1,000


2.8         Communication

The LOC invites you to join the tournament WhatsApp groups where additional information relating to the event logistics will be shared for time to time:


3.      Schedule

Date Time Program
Friday, 06 May 2022 10:00
Technical Meeting
Opening Ceremony
Round 1
Saturday, 07 May 2022 09:00 Round 2
Sunday, 08 May 2022 09:00 Round 3
Monday, 09 May 2022 17:00 Round 4
Tuesday, 10 May 2022 17:00 Round 5
Wednesday, 11 May 2022 17:00 Round 6
Thursday, 12 May 2022 17:00 Round 7
Friday, 13 May 2022 17:00 Round 8
Saturday, 14 May 2022 09:00
Round 9
Closing Ceremony


4.      Tournament Regulations

4.1         The FIDE Laws of Chess (01 January 2022) will apply to this event.

4.2         The results of this competition will be submitted for rating to the CHESS SA Rating Bureau.

4.3         The “default time” for all rounds other than for the Blitz Tournament will be 30 minutes.

Any player who arrives more than 30 minutes late after the actual start of the round will immediately be forfeited unless the Chief Arbiter decides otherwise.

4.4         All electronic equipment (e.g. mobile phones, tablets, smart watches, etc. but excluding those items used exclusively for the running of the Event) must be switched off when brought into the playing hall. Any player who is found to have such a device in his/her possession which is not switched off will immediately be forfeited (loss of game).

4.5         If a player withdraws during the event, rating penalties will be applied as per Chess SA Rating Regulations if no valid and acceptable reason(s) are provided by the player.

4.6         The following tiebreak systems, in the order given below, will be used to rank the players (who finish the tournament on the same scores) to determine the final standings:

  • Direct encounter
  • Bucholz
  • Sonneborn-Berger
  • Rating average of opponents

4.7         A player wishing to lodge an appeal against a ruling made by an Arbiter, must do so within 30 minutes after the game has ended. Appeals must in writing and must be lodged with the Tournament Director and must be accompanied by a an R300 cash fee that will be refunded if the appeal is successful.

4.8         The winner will be awarded the title of “2022 SA Senior Champion”

4.9         Players must always be dressed neatly and look presentable. Casual wear/clothing will be allowed. Players must wear shoes or sandals. In compliance with Covid Health and Safety regulations, all players must wear a mask that cover their nose and mouth.

4.10     Photographs will be taken during the event and the award ceremony. All players are deemed to allow publication of photographs of them taken at the event by the organisers for publicity purposes unless they inform the organisers otherwise.

4.11     Due to the current uncertain time’s COVID-19 brought upon us, The LOC reserves the right to change any aspect of the tournament including but not limited to sections, format, time control, dates, number of players participating and prize funds. The LOC will, where possible, communicate this to the players as quickly as possible.

4.12     Each participant is responsible for his/her own transport & accommodation arrangements and the costs thereof.

4.13     No refunds of entry fees paid will be made for players that withdraw from the tournament after the closing date for entries has passed.


5.      Covid-19 Health & Safety Protocols

5.1         The tournament will be organized in compliance with the applicable Covid-19 Health and Safety Regulations at the time of the event.

5.2         All players must wear masks always covering both their noses and mouths when they are inside the playing venue.

5.3         Sanitisation of chess pieces, sets and surfaces will be done in between rounds, but players may bring their own hand sanitizers as well.

5.4         Hand sanitiser will be available at the entrance of the venue, as well as at strategic areas inside the venue and toilets. Toilets will have sufficient soap and paper towels as well as marked Covid-19 disposal facilities.

5.5         All players must always adhere to the prescribed social distancing.

5.6         Players will sign their own scoresheets and report the result to the arbiter. No signing of opponent sheets and no sharing of pens.

5.7         No hands will be shaken at the commencement of the round, nor at the end of the match. Fist and elbow bumps will be allowed.

5.8         Once the players are done with a match, and their results have been recorded, they become “Spectators” and must leave the playing area immediately and reside in the breakaway demarcated areas.

5.9         Any player that does not comply with Covid-19 Health and Safety protocols may be expelled from the event.


6.      Local Organising Committee

6.1         Convenor & Tournament Director:                   Dr Omar Esau 083 407 4355 /

6.2         Chief Arbiter                                                          TBC


For registration queries or assistance, kindly contact Paul Wilson on 083 461 8742 or 

Players opting to pay via EFT will receive an email with the payment information. Proof of payment must be emailed to to confirm booking. If payment is not made within 12 hours, the booking will be cancelled.


This event is fully booked.

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