Steinitz Rapid 2022

Steinitz Rapid 2022


19:00 - 21:30


Event Type

Steinitz Rapid 2022

45th Anniversary


Venue:       New Apostolic Church Hall, Parow West at 24 3rd Avenue


Date:           10 June 2022

Sections Requirements Entry Fees Time Control Dates
Rapid 6 Round Swiss open to all R 80 10/10 + 3 sec Fri 10 June

* Chessa Rated
* Tie Break: Direct encounter, Bucholz, Sonneborn-Berger, Rating average of opponents
* The default time for each round is 5 minutes
* Covid-19 Screening will commence 60 minutes before the start of the first round

Close of Registration and Payment at venue: 18h00
First Round: 19h00

FA Andrew Talmarkes

ONLINE REGISTRATION:  – Closing date:  9 June 2022.


Please email proof of payment and direct any payment queries to Amina Ebrahim by 9 June 2022 at 17h00.


Bank:                      Standard Bank
Account Name:    Steinitz Chess Club
Account No:          10171178090
Branch Code:        051001


Please use the player’s first 3 letters of the player’s surname + initials, followed by date of birth in the format of DD MMM YYYY, as the reference number (e.g.  SmiJ23Jan1973 or KasG17Nov2001)

 Please bring your own notation pages and pens.


1st prize: R 600
2nd prize: R 400
3rd prize: R 250
Best Junior (U20): R200
Best Female: R200

For further information, please feel free to contact LOC:


  1. A fixed total of players will be allowed to participate in the event based on national regulations
  2. All officials, players, parents, and other persons attending the event must complete the online Covid-19 screening form every day before their arrival at the playing venue.
  3. Only players will be allowed to enter the playing area. No spectators or parents will be allowed into the playing area.
  4. Screening of all players, support staff, officials and attendees will be done upon entry at the venue and recorded in a register.
  5. All players, support staff and attendees will complete a self-screening questionnaire to ensure efficient contact tracing where necessary.
  6. Any person displaying symptoms associated with Covid-19 (fever, cough, shortness of breath or breathing difficulties) or people who are considered in a high-risk group should not attend.
  7. Players will not be allowed to leave the playing venue during the day as well as its associated demarcated breakaway area.
  8. Food deliveries will be allowed; however, players will not be able to leave the playing venue to buy food or drink.
  9. Sanitisation of chess pieces, sets and surfaces will be done in between rounds, but players may bring their own hand sanitizers as well.
  10. Hand sanitiser will be available at the entrance of the venue, as well as at strategic areas inside the venue and toilets. Toilets will have sufficient soap and paper towels as well as marked Covid-19 disposal facilities.
  11. All players must wear masks always covering both their noses and mouths.
  12. All players must always adhere to strict social distancing.
  13. Players, support staff and officials over the age of 60 or people with comorbidities will be encouraged to be cautious and minimise exposure.
  14. Players will sign their own scoresheets and report the result to the arbiter. No signing of opponent sheets and no sharing of pens.
  15. No hands will be shaken at the commencement of the round, nor at the end of the match.
  16. Once the players are done with a match, and their results have been recorded, they become “Spectators” and must leave the playing area immediately and reside in the breakaway demarcated area.
  17. No informal games on private chess sets are allowed outside the playing venue in the demarcated breakaway area.
  1. Any player that does not comply with Covid-19 Health and Safety protocols may be expelled from the event.


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