SA Open 22 Round 3 Recap

By Keith Kagande (10 July 2022)
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The first two rounds saw most of the top players dropping half points to underdogs. Needless to say, we expect some more drama in the third round.

Drama is what we got as the top seed IM Daniel Cawdery took on FM-elect Michael Simpson. We know Michael as a young and upcoming star and he showed us his capabilities in this match.

Both players played solid chess throughout the game. Though it seemed the FM-elect was better prepared as he managed to get a -1.7 advantage at some point during the game.

CM-Elect Michael Simpson cred: Flashlight Pictures

We are talking about having an advantage over a guy who has been at the top of SA chess for a long time. Cawdery showed his experience and leveled the game… Both players agreed to a draw.

With this result, Daniel Cawdery joined a long list of top players who have dropped half points against lower-rated opponents.

Xolani Mathebula has been the main villain drawing against top-rated players due to his current form. Yesterday he managed to hold back IM Watu Kobese and today CM Keith Khumalo was his next target.

The CM opted to play the Sicilian defense. An opening which he has resorted to multiple times when he is looking for blood.

The match never got going as both players found all the right prophylactic moves to prevent anyone from gaining an advantage.

The game ended in a draw and both players are on 2/3 points after 3 rounds. Next on the plate for Xolani Mathebula is FM Shaabir Bhawoodien whilst CM Keith Khumalo will take on Karabo Teeke.

CM Keith Khumalo cred: Flashlight Pictures

It’s starting to get tougher at the top and all the top-rated players will soon start to get paired against each other.

Currently, there are only two players who are still on full points, namely IM Dante Beukes and Cavan Jacobs.

The 4th round will see both of them play against each other… If we get a winner that person will become the event’s, sole leader.

With some top guns lurking behind hopefully one or two will go on a winning streak. There are also some youngsters like Lwazi Selepe who are yet to show us their capabilities.

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