Winners of the Equanimity Junior Swiss Rapid

On Saturday 22 August 2020 the second Equanimity Junior Swiss Rapid (15+0) event over 5 rounds took place which attracted some of the top junior players in South Africa. The free-entry tournament comprised of four juniors divisions for under 8, under 10, under 14 and under 18 age groups. Each division had a R 500 prize fund with each winner walking away with R250 cash prize.

Under 18 Division

The under 18 division was won on tie-break by FM Banele Mhango (pictured below) over Lwazi Selepe in second place who were both unbeaten when they drew in the final round against each other. Banele is one of the countries top players who also represented South Africa this weekend at the FIDE Online Olympiad. Third place was won on tie-break by Manelisi Ncube ahead of 3 other players also on 4 points.

Banele Mhango

Final Results – Under 18 division

  1. Banele Mhango (Banelevich) – 4.5 points
  2. Lwazi Selepe (LwaziNkoe) – 4.5 points
  3. Manelisi Ncube (ManelisiMJ) – 4 points
  4. Tezihano Mnyasta (Tezzi) – 4 points
  5. Waylon Brander (DababyG) – 4 points
  6. Alexander van der Merwe (alexvdm) – 4 points

Tournament link:

Under 14 Division

The under 14 division was won on tie-break by Sipho Mlenzana over Kobus Geyser who both ended unbeaten on 5 points. Jan Karsten won third place on tie-break over four other players who all ended on 4 points

Final Results – Under 14 division

  1. Sipho Mlenzana (Super-ultra-instinct) – 5 points
  2. Kobus Geyser (Theguythatlearns) – 5 points
  3. Jan Karsten (KRUMMEL2008) – 4 points
  4. Abi Sathish (Abirana) – 4 points
  5. CM Liam Baruch (Libossplayz) – 4 points
  6. Lusanda Langa (Pholani) – 4 points
  7. Reegan Palmer (Seasidesunset) – 4 points

Tournament link:

Under 10 Division

The under 10 division was won by Nabeelah Ebrahim who was the only unbeaten player on 5 points. Carol-Lee Stemmet finished second on tie-break ahead of Henroux Strydom with both finishing on 4 points.

Final Results – Under 10 division

  1. Nabeelah Ebrahim (Nabz2010) – 5 points
  2. Carol-Lee Stemmet (Carollee10) – 4 points
  3. Henroux Strydom (Henroux_ZA) – 4 points

Tournament link:

Under 8 Division

The under 8 division was won by WCM Kaylee Grace Budhram who was the only unbeaten player on 5 points. Zoey Su came second on 4 points and Alondwe Kweyama came third on tie-break ending on 3 points along with 5 other competitors.

Final Results – Under 8 division

  1. WCM Kaylee Grace Budhram (ChessqueenWCM) – 5 points
  2. Zoey Su (zoeysu) – 4 points
  3. Alondwe Kweyama (Alondwe) – 3 points
  4. Eduan Botha (MadFluffyFire) – 3 points
  5. Evan van der Linden (Evanvdl) – 3 points
  6. Liyolatha Makweth (acoachedbyjoshua) – 3 points
  7. Samuel Driscoll (SamuelDriscoll) – 3 points
  8. Emlyn Wilson (BabyTjoklits) – 3 points

Tournament link:

About Equanimity

Equanimity is owned by Ricardo Minnaar, a dynamic passionate individual with more than 7 years experience in providing supplemental educational programs, using Chess as an alternative educational practice to compliment the traditional education provided. Equanimity implements a balanced approach to social-emotional and cognitive development to increase the achievement levels and to enhance the cognitive learning of learners.

For more information please contact Ricardo Minnaar on 081 546 2221 or email

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