TSA-Club: Schedule 14 – 19 September – LiChess

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Date(s) - 14/09/2020 - 19/09/2020

TSA-Club: LiChess OPEN


Event Notes


Weekly Schedule of TSA-Club: LiChess Teams
        Teams (Chess SA Ratings)
DAY Time Link To Tournament Rounds < 1100 1000 – 1500 OPEN
Mo 3pm http://bit.ly/TSAOpen004 7 Blitz     3+2
Tu 3pm http://bit.ly/TSA028 5 Rapid   10+5  
Wed 3pm http://bit.ly/TSA029 5 Rapid 10+5    
Wed 6pm http://bit.ly/TSA0030 5 Rapid   10+5  
Thu 3pm http://bit.ly/TSA0031 5 Rapid 10+5    
Sat 9:00 http://bit.ly/TSAJ003 5 Rapid      


STEP 1: Register ONCE off for all the Teams

General LINK for ALL Teams in TSA-Club (This is a combined form for all the Teams)


STEP 2: Find the relavent Team on LiChess and Apply to JOIN:

Link to different Teams:

< 1000 Chess SA Rating – https://lichess.org/team/tsa-rated-tournaments-under-1000 

1000 – 1500 Chess SA Rating – https://lichess.org/team/tsa-rated-tournaments-1000-to-1400

Open (ALL) Ratings – https://lichess.org/team/tsa-rated-tournaments-open

STEP 3: Start to play in the Swiss Tournaments in the Team.

The TSA-Club operate with several Teams and I apologize if initially this is confusing. Once you have completed the form, you will stay in the Teams of your choice, according to your rating. ONE Club, MANY Teams:

  • Team for Under 1100 rated players
  • Team for players rated between 1000 and 1500
  • OPEN Team – On LiChess.org and on Chess.com
  • Team for Seniors (U50 and older)
  • Team for Under 8 and Under 10

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